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My childhood was syncopated by music lessons on Mondays, dance classes on Wednesdays, little league on Saturdays, religious education on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. I became one of those teenagers who could be found in nearly every extracurricular section of the yearbook, and I was balancing a career as a professional actress. Thus was born a triple-threat Renaissance woman, two archaic expressions or lost ideals that sure make existence interesting. I participate in as much life as I possibly can while I walk on this planet. When I’m not taking pictures, writing, publishing, performing puppet shows or concerts, crafting accessories for boutiques, coaching actors, or hatching some other idea, I am a teacher. My students unknowingly gift me with staying present, current, and inspired. 

There are perks on my resume that help out in some moments, like the fact that I graduated from Stanford; there are vanities that tickle my students, like seeing me in a magazine or newspaper; but everyone knows resumes, newsprint, or webpages do not a person make.

So, we leave our fingerprints and hopefully analyze others’ democratically. As information we glean synthesizes and stews, bubbles of truth rise to the surface. With that in mind, there are two quotes that adequately sum up these pages:

“…what if I was supposed
to be teaching my soul

it's own

supposed to be
helping you
sing yours

by deed
and goodness…” – Cary Tamler

“In the end, I see my job as being a beauty detective: I’m trying to solve the mystery of beauty, and these are my clues.” – Patricia Krebs